window cleaning service.







Window Cleaning

Clean windows improve your view.  Clean your windows to stay healthy as dirty
windows can affect your staff / clients who may have allergies / asthma. There is no
doubt that clean windows lift your mood and ambiance of your office.  Regularly
cleaned windows by the experts who remove the debris which may otherwise etch in
the glass & cause scratches.

We provide our services to:
• Office Buildings
• Apartment Buildings
• Hotels
• Schools
• Churches
• Health care facilities

Approved Window Cleaning specialises in pure water window cleaning for retail, national chain&multi-location businesses, commercial and industrial clients. Cleaning up to 60′ high without our operator leaving the safety of the ground.

Sign Cleaning

Approved operatives are also trained in sign cleaning techniques. Both rigid & outdoor fabric signs & awnings can be cleaned using pure water methods. This technique gives gleaming results with a minimum of disruption to your business or workplace.

Cladding & Facade Cleaning

First impressions count, but what are your customer’s first impressions when they visit your premises? Traffic pollution can make cladding & façades look dirty but, because the build-up is gradual, those who work there every day often don’t notice it. Approved offer a full external cleaning service on both “one off” and regular scheduled contracts. Ask about our building wash service TODAY!

High Level Cleaning

Approved Window Cleaning have invested in the latest cleaning technology which allows us to clean many external surfaces up to 60′ high from the safety of the ground. This system of working also greatly reduces the need for access equipment and cuts the costs of undertaking many common tasks.

Clean windows can be an essential element in the appearance of your business.