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A Leading Service Provider to the Corporate Sector, inspiring both our Clients and our Teams while being Socially Conscious.



Sea Clean offers many essential Soft Services, with the Corporate Sector in mind. We offer a bespoke Cleaning Service to Clients, which we develop on-site, tailored to suit Client requirements.  We all have the same goal, a pleasant working environment, which allows for Client Teams to perform and excel in their core activity while we Excel in ours. 

Our mission is to assist our Executive Clients with the highest standard of quality assistant services, combined with our personal touch and expertise.

Our Mission


Our name, Sea Clean, reflects our company’s pride in its origins. We commenced business in 2006, where we began as a specialised Yacht Detailing Service in Malahide, Howth, and Dun Laoghaire Marinas, providing services for both the interior and exterior of yachts, based on experience gained from the luxury yacht sector in the United States, Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.


We expanded in 2008 into both the Domestic and Corporate markets where we developed a strong working relationship with Estate and Letting Agents in the Malahide / Swords area.  We were based in James Terrace, Malahide at this time and we were well known for our in detail ‘Deep Cleans’ with Dublin Letting Agents.


In 2018, we made a choice to focus on the Corporate Sector, one which has proven to be a good decision for SeaClean, as our suite of services which we now provide, has grown considerably, with this sector in mind.


Throughout 2009 - 2018 we had many high-profile Clients in the Hospitality Venues.  During this time, we had built up our Corporate Clientele, our Corporate Services is now our niche in the market and one we continue to actively develop. 


Our Vision is now becoming our reality, of being a Leading Service Provider to the Corporate Sector, Inspiring each and everyone, while being Socially Conscious.


SeaClean uses only Eco-Friendly products and we enjoy bringing innovations to our Clients.


We stand by our Values ‘Continue to create job satisfaction, through our Company’s Culture,

To Train, Develop, and Promote within our Organisation. Being Mindful of our Clients & Team’s needs.’


A Leading Service Provider to the Corporate Sector, inspiring both our

Clients, and our Teams, while being Socially Conscious.’

Our Story


Prepared, Creative & Dedicated Hard Workers

We love what we do! And passion can lead to amazing things!


Our purpose & intent is to be the best at what we do and our team is prepared to hear and support your needs.

All staff are also fully trained in the tasks applicable to their job descriptions. Induction and ongoing Training and records are retained.  

Our Team


Developing & Securing our Corporate Contracts 

Our Timeline


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