All staff are fully trained in the tasks applicable to their job descriptions.
All our staff are trained in-house by a credited ICCA, BICS Foundation Course trainer, which cover the 7 main tasks:

• Employee Skills
• Standard Procedures
• Alignment with Company Profile
• Online Schedule System Training
• Equipment & Cleaning Products
• Suction Cleaning
• Dusting, Damp wiping, Polishing and Spot Cleaning
• Cleaning Sanitary Ware
• Waste Clearance

Why we differ from other Contract Cleaning Companies?
We differ from the majority of Contract Cleaning Companies with our Experience Services these are activities that combine or consolidate needed support services for the corporate sector. We provide these services based on specialised knowledge, best practices and the technology to enhance and perform the duties requested in a timely efficient manner.
We assist our clients by performing duties/tasks which assist there employees to perform their core role without added hassle or stress.
All companies have bespoke/different requirements with similar end targets. The role is tailor-made and implemented with client partnership. We all have the same goal, a pleasant working environment with less stress thus allowing staff to perform and excel in core activity.



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