This is a service that has developed over the years from client requests. As roles in-house and duties expand, it sometimes leaves little time for the following duties to be performed. These are on-hand duties/task that is so expectant in the Corporate Sector:

Organising meetings i.e.: order lunch, set up the meeting room & clear after
Manage the stationery requirements for all office i.e.: place orders, manage the inventory etc
Manage stock inventory of perishables/consumables; including orders, checking deliveries and replenish
Monitor and refill copiers/faxes
Replenish fridges throughout the day
Monitor the offices during day & keep tidy i.e.: remove cups from desks
Restroom checks throughout the day & replenish soap/towels
Cover reception when / if required
• Any other business i.e.: to hand deliver a document / Collect dry cleaning


If you are planning any type of event, we will assist in the preparation for setting up a room, office or even a theatre. Organising the correct quantity of chairs, leaflets, flyers, promotional t-shirt or any marketing material. We will manage the schedule of shifts that match your event size. AOB!  No job is ever too big or too small.  We are flexible, and we are great with managing last minute changes or requests.  Our existing clients can vouch for this


We can order, supply and deliver all types of consumables with a full range of office requirements ie: Janitorial, Bathroom, Canteen/Kitchen and perishables.  All at very competitive pricing.  This saves on numerous invoicing as it will be all on one invoice plus time saved in the administration! Not to mention these items will then be added to the inventory app and managed by us, you will never run low on stock or run out of the most important items.